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Expert Roof Installation & Replacement

The Bronx, NY roofing contractors from Elite Homes of NY are experienced roofing experts. Whether it’s providing flat roofing installation and replacement, performing a roof inspection, or providing emergency flat roofing services, our company and roofing contractors are known for our professionalism and attention to detail.

Our flat roofing installation projects start with an initial assessment of your needs. We then help you choose a color that brings out your home’s natural beauty while also providing you with a wide selection of materials. Using nothing but the best roofing nails and fasteners, the most durable decking material and high-quality underlayment materials, and impenetrable water and ice barriers, our roofing services ensure we provide that critical protection your home and roof deserve during an install.

When homeowners in the Bronx, NY need roofers to provide emergency roofing services, roofing inspection and maintenance services, or want a roofer for roof replacement, they always turn to the trusted and reliable roofing services provided by Elite Homes of NY. As the best roofers in the Bronx, NY, we use the very best roofing materials and the most experienced contractors and roofing experts. Our roofing inspection solutions can fix leaks, replace curled, damaged, or displaced shingles, fix chimney flashing, or provide you with a brand-new roof replacement.

When customers call Elite Homes of NY for roofing in Queens, NY, or the Bronx, they know they’re getting the most experienced roofers, contractors, and roofing experts who will arrive on time while always being professional and courteous.

So, as a homeowner in the Bronx, NY, what can you expect during an installation from our experienced, dedicated, and committed team of roofers and contractors? More importantly, how can a roofer from our company help you with that critical roofing emergency?

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Types of Roofing Materials That We Install

Our company provides our Bronx, NY customers with a wide selection of energy-efficient, environmentally friendly shingle colors and styles. Traditional 3-tab singles come in neutrals like black, brown, gray, and tan but we also offer architectural and designer shingles for homeowners looking for added flair. 

Our roofing contractors perform every installation using the best decking materials, the strongest water and ice barriers, and the best-made underlayment material. The result is a Bronx, NY home with a new roof that brings out your property’s most attractive features.

We Handle Emergency Roof Repairs

Along with our window repair in Bronx, NY, our company and roofing contractors also provide critical emergency roof repairs. Whether it’s removing that fallen branch from the most recent storm, removing and replacing curled shingles, or fixing that recent leak, our emergency roofing repairs can address any problems or issues your roof has.

A roofer from our company will arrive at your residence, quickly do a walk-around, inspect the portion of your roof that’s damaged, and then immediately get to work. During this entire time, you’ll be able to ask our roofer any questions.

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Routine Roof Inspections

For Bronx, NY homeowners who want a roofer to catch flat roofing problems before they get worse, our company offers extensive roofing inspections, replacement, and maintenance. Our roofing contractors are experts at identifying problem areas on your roof. Whether it’s the chimney flashing that’s torn or ripped, shingles that are starting to curl and bend, or end caps that are buckling, a roofer from our company can quickly identify the problem and proactively take steps to ensure they’re fixed.