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Windows make significant contributions to your home’s efficiency, lighting, and aesthetics. Upgrading your windows is arguably the easiest way to improve your home. Allow us at Elite Homes of NY to serve as your window contractor in Queens, NY. Whether you need window installation, replacement, or repair services, you can entrust all those important jobs to us. You may know us best for providing expert roofing in Queens, NY, but our window-focused services can be just as beneficial to any household. Learn more about our services by calling us or visiting our website!

Window Installation & Replacement Services

It will only be a matter of time before new window installation or replacement becomes a necessity for your household. So, why would you need those services from a contractor?

For instance, you may need window replacement because your current fixtures are no longer doing their jobs. Even the repair services provided by your window contractor may not resolve the issues affecting those elements of your home. Since the alternative to getting new windows is living in an uncomfortable and inefficient home, paying for replacements makes a lot of sense.

New window installation is also highly recommended if your current fixtures have become outdated. Windows are typically designed to last for around 15 to 20 years. As windows reach that point, they become more susceptible to damage. You should strongly consider getting new windows to avoid bigger issues down the line.

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Windows may also become outdated because it no longer fits your overhauled design scheme. Once that happens, you should get in touch with window companies and check out their available products.

Our window installation and replacement services at Elite Homes of NY are second to none. Expert craftsmanship is the signature quality of all our windows, and we enhance them with innovative designs. Additional security and energy-efficient features further elevate our window offerings. They can be beneficial additions to your Queens, NY, home in more ways than one.

We also take great pride in the approach we take to window installation. Our workers take careful and precise measurements of the openings to ensure the new windows fit seamlessly. You won’t have to worry about air or moisture leaks once your replacement windows are set in place.

Types of Window Repairs That We Provide

Many of the homeowner complaints we handle are related to broken window glass. Although the cause of the fractured window glass remains unclear, we will move forward with the necessary repairs. Even small cracks in window glass can grow quickly, so fixing them as soon as possible would be best.

The issues plaguing your windows may also be related to their frames. More specifically, issues with the frames may be causing your windows to get stuck. Openings along the frames can also affect how well your windows regulate temperature. As your contractor, we at Elite Homes of NY can properly address those frame-related issues.

You can also request our repair services if you’ve noticed some patches of chipped paint on your windows. Chipped paint is more than an aesthetic issue. Depending on where the chipping occurs, it could also affect the movement of your windows. We can repaint your windows to put an end to that chipping problem.

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Popular Window Types to Consider

Window companies offer numerous products for homeowners to choose from. So, which ones should you select for your window replacement in Jamaica, NY? You should consider double-hung windows if you want to optimize circulation inside your Queens, NY, home. If you’re more focused on fixtures that can highlight the exterior and interior elements of your property, bay windows are probably your best bet. The bow variation of the bay window may be better for your home if you wish to rely more on natural lighting. Casement windows are great because they maximize energy efficiency and simplify maintenance. Meanwhile, awning windows can be terrific additions to homes that may not have plenty of wall space available. You should also order the aforementioned fixtures from window companies if you’re looking to enhance your household’s privacy. Regardless of which window type you prefer, we at Elite Homes of NY can provide it. Pick us to be your window contractor, and check out our wide selection of fixtures!

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