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We Provide Roof Installation & Replacement Services

Whether you need new roofing in St. Albans, NY, or a replacement in Whitestone, NY, we have you covered. By cultivating relationships with our suppliers and pursuing innovation, we can offer our clients a wide range of roofing solutions. Tell us what type of roof you want, and we’ll get it ready in no time. We can also put forth suggestions if you are having difficulty choosing.

Asphalt shingle roofs have become quite popular in recent years. They have won over many homeowners with their combination of versatility, aesthetic variety, and budget-friendly price points. Call us today and secure the best roof for your home in Whitestone, NY!

The quality of your roof affects everything from the safety of your home to your monthly living expenses. Without a dependable roof on your home, you may struggle with a variety of short and long-term issues. Work with the top roofing company in Whitestone, NY, and put your concerns to rest. At Elite Homes of NY, we provide roofing services backed by integrity, innovation, and customer focus to ensure they meet your standards.

We can address all your roofing-related needs. Let us know about the roofing project you have in mind, and we’ll help you solidify plans for it. Apart from major roofing projects, we also handle important tasks like inspections and maintenance. No matter what type of roofing service, you can count on us at Elite Homes of NY to provide it.

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Emergency Roof Repairs

You may need the emergency services of a roofing company in Jamaica, NY, from time to time. Chief among the issues known to plague residential roofs are leaks. Roof leaks are quite common because they are often byproducts of neglect. If you don’t schedule regular inspections or maintenance, there’s a good chance your roof may spring leaks sooner rather than later.

Emergency repairs may also be necessary due to damaged shingles. Prolonged exposure to the element can weaken roof shingles. Eventually, your roof’s shingles may start to chip or come off completely. Strong winds generated by passing storms also pose a serious threat to roofs that all Whitestone, NY, residents must acknowledge.

Some causes of roof damage may be a bit more unexpected. After noticing a leak in your attic, you may check on your roof to find that a large tree branch has fallen on top of it. Aside from removing the tree branch, you’ll have to patch up your roof to prevent water, pests, and other unwanted entities from entering your home. We can take on that job and ensure your repaired roof is stronger than ever.

After spending a lot of money on your new roof, you don’t expect to need an immediate repair. Still, you cannot ignore the leaks and other signs of damage that your new roof is showing. Those signs of damage are likely related to poor installation and must be remedied as soon as possible. Let us handle the potential roof repairs or replacements and stop worrying about that matter.

We Are Licensed & Insured

Our experienced roofers are licensed and insured in Whitestone, NY. We have developed a community of satisfied building partners through years of hard work. The reputation we have built has also allowed us to earn the trust of more homeowners.

Your home in Whitestone, NY, is a testament to your hard work and capability as a provider. Don’t let it succumb to the elements by neglecting its roof. Contact us at Elite Homes of NY, and we’ll provide the roofing services you need. Call us today to discuss the work you need to be completed and get a free quote for your project!

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