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Homeowners turn to Elite Homes of NY for window replacement for their Jamaica, NY homes for many reasons. Storm damage can shatter or mangle windows. Wear and tear from years of installation can damage windows. Some homeowners replace windows because they provide one of the most cost-effective methods of upgrading a home’s curb appeal, energy efficiency, and comfort. Regardless of why you need new windows for your Jamaica, NY, home, contact Elite Homes of NY – experienced contractors who do the job right.

We Install All Popular Types of Windows

Elite Homes of NY provides window installation on new homes and window replacement on older homes. We’re experienced in the installation of a multitude of window types, including:

  • Awning windows
  • Bay windows
  • Bow windows
  • Casement windows

Our highly skilled service personnel can help you transform your home with replacement windows. New windows not only improve the home’s exterior but also the energy efficiency of the home. Let us help you choose the appropriate low-emissivity (Low-E), double- or triple-pane windows for your Jamaica, NY, home.

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Signs That You Need to Replace Your Windows

How do you know your house needs new windows? If you see obvious signs of damage, such as rotting window casements, cracked or broken glass, etc., your home needs new windows. Drafty windows also indicate a need for replacement windows. Conduct a draft test. Turn off your HVAC system for a moment, so it doesn’t blow air that influences your draft test. Stand in front of each closed window and hold your hands in front of the window edge. Run your hands along the edge, noting any air entering from the outdoors. If you feel air coming in from outside, that draft means you need to replace the window. If you want to sell your home, window replacement offers one of the top 10 home improvements that pay you back a hefty return on investment at resale. That’s because updating the windows beautifies the home on the outside and inside while reducing the home’s utility bills. Call Elite Homes of NY for window replacement in St. Albans, NY or Jamaica! 

How Long Does the Window Installation Process Take?

How long the window replacement process takes at your home depends on how many windows you replace, the size of your home, materials availability, and weather conditions. The actual labor time to replace a single window ranges from 30 to 60 minutes. On average, the window contractors at Elite Homes of NY replace 10 to 15 windows per day. A window replacement project could take a few weeks because of material shortages or the weather. We’re more than a roofing company in Jamaica, NY. Call Elite Homes of NY today to start your window replacement project.
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We Provide Warranty Coverage on Our Windows

Our long-standing New York business provides a warranty on every window we install. At Elite Homes of NY, you’ll enjoy the materials warranty provided by the window manufacturer and an installation warranty we provide. With two warranties backing your project, you can make your Jamaica, NY, home more energy-efficient with double-hung windows at no risk to you.

Call Elite Homes of NY Today

Elite Homes of NY specializes in home construction and renovation. We’re the contractors to call when you need a full-service window contractor in Jamaica, NY, or a roofer. For more than 10 years, Elite Homes of NY has served the residents of New York. 

You can count on our experienced contractors to provide the highest quality window installation and replacement services. We install all popular types of windows and can help homeowners choose the right windows for their homes. Call us today at 718-400-8747!

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