Homeowners typically don’t think twice about investing in long-term fixtures such as roofs, windows, and doors. There’s no reason to avoid pouring significant resources into those elements of your home because they provide essential protection and aesthetic enhancement. Still, there’s one more exterior element that warrants a significant investment: siding. 

The importance of properly installed siding cannot be overstated. You need siding to protect your home from the elements and pests in your vicinity. Partner with us at Elite Homes of NY if you’re looking for a reputable siding contractor in Queens, NY. Count on us to add the siding that rounds out your home’s protection. Secure the services of a top siding contractor by reaching out to us today!

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Lastly, we also offer wood siding to all homeowners in Queens, NY. Similar to vinyl siding, wood options are practical additions because they are easy to repair. The appearance of wooden siding is also a major plus. It can enhance your home’s curb appeal regardless of which underlying theme you’re following.

Hire us at Elite Homes of NY to be your siding contractor, and we’ll identify the best material for your home.

Types of Siding That We Install

Options for roofing in Queens, NY, are highly diverse, and so are siding options. If this is the first time you’re installing siding, you may not know which material option suits your home best. As your siding contractor in Queens, NY, we present you with numerous siding materials and help you navigate the selection process. Fiber cement is one of the top options for siding. Homeowners who favor fiber cement siding appreciate its remarkable durability and ability to repel insects. You can also protect your home better from fires by asking your contractor to install fiber cement siding. Metal siding is another option worth considering for your home. Since metal can reflect UV rays, siding made from that material can effectively lower your home’s temperature during the summer. The unique appearance of metal siding can also be a feature that elevates your home. You can also complete your home with vinyl siding. Vinyl siding has emerged as one of the more popular options because it’s durable, easy to repair, and energy-efficient. Installing vinyl siding also makes a lot of sense from an aesthetic standpoint because it can significantly alter the appearance of your home. The budget-friendly price points attached to vinyl siding make it appealing to many homeowners.

Common Siding Repairs That We Provide

Siding is supposed to protect your Queens, NY, home from the elements and various pests. Because of the role siding plays, you’ve probably assumed that it’s meant to be a durable addition. Sure enough, durability is typically not an issue with home siding. However, you will still need to hire maintenance and repair services to keep that part of your home in ideal condition. Get in touch with us at Elite Homes of NY and allow us to administer the necessary repairs. We offer comprehensive repair services, so you don’t have to discuss terms with multiple companies. Have you found holes or cracks along the surface of your siding? If so, we can patch up those remnants of damage and make your siding whole again. You can also count on us to address more significant forms of damage. Moisture problems are also fairly common for home siding. Heavy precipitation combined with small openings along your siding can pave the way for buckled or warped panels. Certain segments of your siding may also start to rot due to prolonged moisture exposure. Moisture-related damage can be difficult to deal with because it can alter the structure of your siding. Rest assured that we can replace your damaged siding panels quickly to prevent further damage. Although not as concerning as some of the other issues, the fading colors on your siding can still be unpleasant to look at. Allow us to address that issue by repainting your siding or swapping out your old panels. We also offer window repair in Queens, NY. Take care of those two essential tasks simultaneously by hiring an experienced contractor.
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Regular Siding Maintenance Is Important

Our siding services at Elite Homes of NY are not limited to installation and repairs. You can also request our services if your siding requires maintenance.

Siding maintenance involves regular cleaning and inspections. We will use the appropriate cleaning method for your siding material to prevent damage. The inspections catch potential issues before they can compromise your siding.

Painting and sealing are also essential maintenance tasks for certain types of siding. A fresh coat of paint applied every few years can keep that part of your home exterior looking fresh. Meanwhile, sealing can protect against the elements.

Contact us at Elite Homes of NY today and take full advantage of the maintenance services we provide. Schedule regular maintenance appointments to keep your Queens, NY, home in terrific condition!